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The State of Connected Planning

We surveyed 1,000+ businesses to investigate how leading organizations accelerate business value through Connected Planning.

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Connected Planning in Automotive and Manufacturing

The manufacturing and automotive industries are at a crossroads. Product performance is no longer “good enough” to satisfy customer demands. Lifetime quality, digital and after-sale offerings, and end user experience are changing how your products are valued by consumers. More than ever, that value is driven by your product’s digital content, which has introduced new complexities to the engineering and development processes and timeline. Sound challenging? It doesn’t have to be. With Anaplan, connect your people, data, and plans to enable real-time planning and decision-making in rapidly changing environments to give your business a competitive edge.

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The new reality in Automotive and Manufacturing

Today, unlocking the drivers of variance to your cashflow is critical to funding the investments your business needs to continually innovate and reduce cost. With Anaplan, leading manufacturers are connecting product development teams, plant operations teams, and finance to make sure the long-term technology roadmap, engineering platforms, and business strategy are aligned with your available resources to deliver the value that your customers demand. Increase your confidence in month-end and quarter-end revenue and cashflow performance by equipping your teams with visibility into products, platforms, channels, and customers across multiple plants to make sure your next product is the success you need it to be.

The future in Automotive and Manufacturing:
Revenue Attainment

With Anaplan, maintain product velocity and decrease the bullwhip effect by:
  • Plan revenue per product, program, and customer based on historic trends and expected demand
  • Agree on monthly and quarterly targets across sales, production, and finance
  • Collaboratively plan volume forecasts with customers to validate expected shipments
  • Track fulfillment variance by SKU, channel, and customer
  • Use Forecast Value Add (FVA) across forecasting processes to determine the value of advanced algorithmic forecasts, channel promotion and lift estimates, and streamline demand planning
  • Allocate inventory to the highest velocity and most profitable channels based on channel and customer performance
  • Give your customer service teams the ability to understand the impact of changes to payment terms, ship dates, or discounts based on the time of month, week of the quarter, and that customer’s historic performance
  • Track givebacks and the benefit it has given your customers to strengthen your position at your quarterly business review
With Anaplan, connect daily order fulfillment and order schedule performance to monthly and quarterly sales and revenue forecasts, and increase your confidence in the ability to make the right decisions and achieve top-line and bottom-line outcomes.

Additional solutions for Automotive and Manufacturing

Resource Planning

  • Technology roadmapping
  • Skill planning
  • Succession planning
  • Project resource planning
  • Asset scheduling
  • Capacity planning

New Product Introduction and Program Pricing

  • Quote collaboration
  • Activity-based costing
  • Demand scenarios
  • Program lifetime revenue
  • VAVE planning

Profitability and Exposure Management

  • Product, program, plant, channel, and customer P&L
  • Contribution margin
  • Commodity exposure
  • Labor cost planning
  • Tariff exposure
  • Cost-to-Serve

Cashflow and CapEx Management

  • Program lifetime CapEx
  • NRE planning
  • Long-range capacity planning
  • VAVE attainment and ROI

The Connected Planning difference


Develop deep “what if” scenarios to assess the possible impact of tariffs, commodity swings, and labor availability on each product and customer P&L in real-time and make decisions on-the-fly.


Connect your sales, finance, engineering, and purchasing teams in real-time to collaborate on more accurate, faster quote development, cash flow planning, and activity-based costing.


Give distributed customer service the insight they need by analyzing financial and supply chain data to optimize real-time offers to customers to achieve product velocity and net margin targets.

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See what our customers have to say

“The single source and transparency mean we can do things two to three times quicker and more efficiently than we ever did before,”

- Ardy Duwel,
Head of Commercial Projects, Tata Steel Europe

“Our partnership with Anaplan has transformed the way we plan and forecast, supporting our customer network across the country to ensure that they continue to have the right product in the right place at the right time.”

- Sam Fergus,
Senior Manager, Logistics Excellence, Tarmac

“We are far more productive. We are not wasting time correcting Excel mistakes. We are able to reduce the time it takes to do sales forecasting.”

- Amit Shah,
Chief Information Officer, Excelitas Technologies

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