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Drive decision making and transparency across the commercial real estate value chain

Connected Planning in commercial real estate

Institutional and personal investors are demanding more conditions with their investments. Faster reporting with transparent calculations are quickly becoming the norm. Additionally, complex tools that require specialized scripting or custom spreadsheets, known only by an individual in the information chain, are no longer adequate. In sharp contrast, Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform allows your people to own the process, connect to the right data, and create the plans that are essential for driving decisions across the entire commercial real estate value chain.

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The new reality in CRE

There’s no doubting the shift in consumer behavior toward the convenience of shopping online. This has direct impact on the way leases are structured in shopping centers and how investments are made in new demands for warehousing. Balancing the portfolio by reviewing demand for sales across the omnichannel will define business success in the future. 

What happened yesterday has already impacted your real estate business; controlling today and preparing for tomorrow is the power of Connected Planning. Market conditions are forever changing at an ever-increasing rate. How you consider and plan those changes is the key to positive cash flow, increased margins, and fast reporting. Don’t get lost in what happened; control what will happen.

The future in CRE: Forward-looking analysis

Anaplan’s dynamic and connected planning capabilities mean that your teams run more meaningful analysis without all of the traditional headaches. Understanding how your portfolio is doing and performing “what-if” analysis on how the next macro-economic tide could impact margins needs to happen quickly. Engaging your team in a collaborative bottom-up and top-down planning cycle means you can gain more from the share of company intelligence.
With Anaplan, provide better transparency in terms of decision-making to internal and external stakeholders, so your plans demonstrate the thoughtful, intelligent, and meaningful analysis ensuring that you achieve your quarterly and annual results.
Enterprise financial planning

Featured solutions for CRE

Deal diligence and deal analysis

  • Deal management
  • Pipeline optimization
  • Sales forecasting

Lifecycle analysis

  • Portfolio and asset management
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Development planning
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Valuations and forecasting

  • Valuations
  • Debt/equity planning
  • Asset performance
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Investor relations and reporting

  • REIT reporting
  • Tax and audit
  • Asset reporting

The Connected Planning difference


Dynamically plan with accuracy and ease from the lease to the asset to the portfolio


Learn from leasing agents, asset supervisors, and portfolio managers to create better plans in collaboration with your teams


Perform “what if” analysis from your asset and portfolio data to gain insights so you can make more intelligent decisions about how to adapt and grow

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Drives business growth by connecting finance operations through the Anaplan platform

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