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Connected Planning in Investment & Asset Management

Investment and Asset Management industries are undergoing a massive transformation. Razor-thin margins on passive funds, volatility in global markets, increased holding times for VC and PE firms, and turbulent real estate markets are driving this change. Led by a “fintech” revolution, artificial intelligence and machine learning lower the bar of entry and pave the way for more specialization and demand of highly skilled resources. Historically supported by siloed legacy systems and lacking transparency on data, investment management firms are in need of more modern and collaborative platforms to improve performance management and transparency of plans. With Anaplan, you can connect your people, data, and plans to enable real-time planning and decision-making in rapidly changing environments to give your financial services business a competitive edge.
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The new realities in Investment & Asset Management

Over the last few years, the asset management market has been delivering high asset and revenue growth. However, margins are under pressure due to high structural costs, increased regulatory scrutiny and competition encouraged by digital innovations. The Anaplan profitability management of the AUM portfolio solutions helps asset managers calculate, analyze, and project the profitability of their portfolio of assets for faster and more-informed decision-making.

The future in Investment & Asset Management:
Profitability management of asset-under-management (AUM) portfolios

Calculate, analyze, and project profitability with Anaplan including:
  • AUM roll-forward analysis by portfolios, countries, clients, and asset managers
  • Real-time calculation of the various types (management, administration, referral, etc.) of fees
  • Waterfall movement analysis of the portfolio on a daily basis
  • Revenue analysis by entity, products, clients, countries, and types of fees
  • Cost allocations from one business unit to another or to products
  • Profitability analysis and forecasts by portfolios, products, and clients
With Anaplan, investment firms can connect their management, finance, operations, and investors with their front office teams to drive better insights and accelerate decision making.

Featured solutions for Investment & Asset Management


Overlays product portfolio profitability with forecast and actual channel performance, empowering distribution leaders to have better insight into channel partner performance and increased agility for sales effectiveness.

Wholesale Sales

Integrates sales pipeline data from any CRM platform – including legacy systems. Increases CRM adoption and hygiene. Helps sales leaders improve forecasting and identifying white space and cross sell opportunities. Helps finance leaders plan and forecast regulatory requirements and reduce revenue volatility.

Portfolio Valuation

Tracks investment portfolio activity by strategy, fund and tranche while capturing investment related information on deals, interest and exit fees. Anaplan models handle loan activity, NII, principal and unfunded commitments reporting, portfolio concentrations and total investment positions.

Fund of Fund
Concentration Analysis

Provides investment level transparency across the portfolio of funds that exposes investment concentrations at the security level to support better investment analytics and investor relations coverage.

Portfolio Consolidation

Allows private equity funds to manage periodic forecasting of investment portfolio firms on an automated basis and version control, streamlining performance consolidation. With additional cost allocation capabilities, Funds can digitize the expense allocations and distributions to funds’ investors.

The Connected Planning difference


Deliver driver-based forecasting, reflecting, in real-time, the impact of a change to driver-assumptions on the future growth and profitability of the firm.


Front-office, operations, finance, management, investors, and compliance investment firms can collaborate on a single platform to analyze the performance of funds and portfolio companies


Asset managers can, on a daily basis, analyze the profitability of the asset under management portfolio and make informed business decisions

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“Anaplan is a dynamic tool, enabling daily forecasts and simulations leading to better decisions.”

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- Alyson Lougheed,
Manager of Sales Compensation, TELUS

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“Among all vendors we looked at, Anaplan was the only one that could facilitate the flexibility we needed for our real estate debt business.”

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Anaplan named a Leader in the 2018 Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions Magic Quadrant

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