Anaplan for Oil and Gas

Prioritize and drive capital efficiency by unlocking historical trends

Connected Planning in Oil and Gas

In a constantly changing world of geopolitics, country energy diversification, and greener consumer options, companies must prioritize capital efficiency. Today, companies can no longer rely on the traditional black box solutions that create disjointed planning. Instead, implications across the supply chain, midstream capacity, downstream capacity, and service partners must be considered when a decision within an asset is made. Fortunately, with Anaplan, you can connect people, data, and plans across all players within the value chain by offering a fully integrated and single segment solution across upstream, midstream, downstream, and service segments.
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The new reality in Oil and Gas

Although oil and gas companies have strived for and, in most cases exceeded operational excellence with technologies in deep water and the field, cost tracking, balancing capacity, and running company-wide scenarios have been stuck in the past. Make unlocking this untapped insight a competitive advantage for your company. Anaplan will help drive this strategy by unlocking historical trends and allowing companies to forecast around the metrics and KPIs that matter.

The future in Oil and Gas:
Upstream production planning

Anaplan, along with our global partners, has developed a fully integrated production portfolio model that gives companies the ability to perform including:
  • Top-down or bottom-up production and scheduling
  • Exploration and drilling cost planning
  • Operating cost forecasting
  • Capex optimization
  • Dynamic production-sharing methodologies
  • Dynamic depreciation and tax forecasting
This allows the end user to run full-company “what-if” scenarios on the fly across any metrics or driver to determine the full financial impact.
Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform provides the necessary scalability and standardization capabilities while providing the flexibility end users need to complete their day-to-day responsibilities efficiently. With Anaplan, unlock historical trends and insights to gain a competitive edge.

Additional solutions for Oil and Gas

Midstream plant margin planning

  • Balance volume planning and transportation capacity
  • Profit analysis across asset hierarchy
  • Integrated price sensitivity scenario analysis

Downstream capacity planning

  • Analyze overall plant capacity by planning for incoming supply and market demand
  • Commodity costing bill of material analysis
  • Fully integrated labor demand planning

Project planning

  • Plan and adjust projects on the fly
  • Adjust project scope, determine resource availability, and analyze overall project and resource margins
  • Integrate across full value chain

Workforce planning

  • Set top-down budgets and compare against bottom-up compensation in real time
  • Leverage multiple forecast methods to determine FTE needs, whether demand driven, ratio driven, etc.
  • Leverage native workflows to track tasks and approvals where needed

The Connected Planning difference


Run full company scenarios across your entire global portfolio


Connect the asset teams to corporate in real time


Optimize CapEx based on different pricing scenarios

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