Anaplan For Information Technology

Deliver agile IT planning and project execution across your business

Connected Planning for Information Technology

When it comes to planning, IT executives need a foundational platform that can harness the power of technological innovation without compromising their priorities. A platform is needed that brings data together from any source, analyzes and processes data at a granular level, and connects the output in the form of actionable plans and decisions. Such a system needs to be secure, flexible, scalable, forward thinking, and continuously available.
Anaplan for IT goes beyond standard ERP planning solutions to provide a platform for business users to connect IT, financial, corporate, and operational planning. With the Anaplan platform, IT planning becomes collaborative and adaptable. Less time is spent on interlock, and more time is spent creating the future. A single Connected Planning platform replaces the need for multiple spreadsheets and point solutions, allowing aggregation, simplification, and governance control.
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The Connected Planning difference


Dynamically connect business users to data and plans to allow fast and flexible response times for activities like project planning business management scorecards.


IT users can collaborate with the business through shared plans and data—simplifying the management, monitoring, and maintenance of functional needs.


With self-learning and insightful planning, predictive analytic capabilities help IT users make intelligent decisions around complex questions and construct “what-if” scenarios.

IT Planning Software Use Cases