Anaplan for Sales Incentives

Keep salespeople focused on the right products and the right customers

Sales Incentive Compensation

Sales Incentive Compensation Management

Align sales behaviors with leadership goals.

Sales incentives should motivate behaviors that produce the results you want.

The Anaplan platform provides granular, actionable visibility to everyone in your organization, maximizing sales performance and increasing seller motivation. Automated calculations shorten computation times from weeks to hours, ensuring that incentives get paid on time. Flexible modeling capabilities let you rapidly adapt your incentive plans to changing market conditions.

Reward the best talent and drive sales results.

Key Benefits of Anaplan for Sales Incentive Management

  • Give sales reps and managers real-time data on sales performance
  • Track sales and incentive data at any level of granularity, down to the individual sale
  • Automate complex calculations, minimizing manual efforts
  • Create “what-if” scenarios to assess potential changes or competitive situations.
  • Quickly modify compensation plans to emphasize new products, territories, or business priorities
  • Provide a single shared source of data, eliminating version control issues and source confusion
  • Limit visibility by role, giving the right people access to the right information
  • Resolve complicated disputes and automate clawbacks
  • Import data from Salesforce, Workday, ERP solutions, and other applications
  • Connect incentive compensation data to finance, supply chain, and HR
  • Standardize compensation plans across regions and geographies
  • Boost seller motivation by delivering accurate, timely incentive payouts
  • Simplify audits by maintaining an organized history of transactions, payouts, and compensation plans

"Tableau boasts sales planning efficiency with the Anaplan platform."

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