Anaplan for Sales Crediting

In a large and complex organization, answering the question “Who gets credit and how much?” should be simple, but that’s not always the case. Using Anaplan for Sales Crediting, sales leaders and compensation professionals can automate the sales crediting management processes – all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Automate and streamline complicated crediting scenarios and the get the correct reps paid for every deal. Link your crediting processes to your broader sales strategy. With a cloud-based platform that empowers your team to collaborate, every stakeholder has clear visibility into crediting rules.

Why Anaplan for Sales Crediting

Streamline and automate sales crediting
Simply manage and automate complex crediting calculations for multiple compensation plans. Connect sales territories and quotas, sales crediting, and inventive compensation on one platform.

Align sales crediting rules with business goals
Cut costs and better align matrixed sales crediting hierarchies and incentive programs with your business’ goals and objectives.

Enterprise financial planning

Optimize plans through “what-if” scenarios
Plan and model multiple “what-if” scenarios so you can continuously optimize sales crediting plans and develop the best incentive compensation strategy possible.

Reduce IT costs
Reduce IT costs and resources by leveraging a sales crediting solution that was intentionally built for the cloud with reliability, security, and compliance in mind.

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