Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

When IT decision-making is siloed, the result can have a negative impact on operational efficiency. With Anaplan for Project Portfolio Management, IT professionals can plan, monitor, and analyze their project KPIs across multiple dimensions on a single collaborative platform.

Comprehensively manage your entire project portfolio, automate data input, establish data quality checks, and leverage a zero-latency dashboard for real-time analysis of KPIs across entities, geographies, lines of business, or functions. Input your personal project data into the platform with an intuitive upload and download process. See a comprehensive view of all project metrics within a centralized dashboard that highlights both bad and blank data. Make better-informed decisions and drive faster, more effective project portfolio management processes that allow you to overcome data integrity, aggregation, and reporting challenges.

Why Anaplan for Project Portfolio Management

Easily import data
Use a pre-made template to import your data into Anaplan without needing back-end support. Automate master data and data import by filling out the template.

Customize KPIs and ensure data integrity
Easily upload KPIs tailored to your project. Ensure project data integrity and create reports on-the-fly so you can swiftly identify inconsistent or missing data within Anaplan.

Enterprise financial planning

Breakout metrics with granularity
Slice metrics by value chain or line of business. View your fully configurable project metrics by multiple dimensions, based on their geo-hierarchy within a single dashboard.

“What-if” scenario planning
See around corners with robust “what-if” scenario modeling capabilities. Step into the shoes of an end-user to select the projects you want to view from the outside. See scenarios incorporated into your dashboard in real-time.

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